A common desire to share this beauty through experience

Vincent Farret d'Astiès, founder of Zephalto, and Joseph Dirand have combined their visions of travel to imagine the capsule designed to carry six travelers to the stars.
"For this dream to become achievable, we needed a safe cocoon. An object whose sole purpose is to accompany these people in this unique experience." Innovative and environmentally friendly, Céleste is characterized by its formal simplicity and its design that is as open as an eye on the world. Equipped with individual panoramic spaces, the capsule was designed to contemplate the Earth from the stratosphere, at the edge of space.

Earth view from Céleste

Céleste seen from the outside

A sculptural object with a strong identity and a soothing shape, the pressurized capsule, carried by its envelope, is at one with the elements. Light and elegant, its carbon structure ensures its resistance to cross the clouds, the bluish halo of the atmosphere and the blackness of space. Its three wide-angle windows, which offer an endless panorama, harmoniously fit the silver surface of the capsule. From this point on, the environment becomes a jewel case that is reflected on this triangular pebble whose mirror effect ensures its discreet integration to the benefit of the beauty of the landscape.

Earth view from Céleste
Earth view from Céleste
Earth view from Céleste

Céleste seen from the inside

"Living in space through a living space"
is the promise of an unforgettable journey. From the moment you enter, beige dominates. With its three individual cabins, with lighting and adjustable furniture, designed as intimate cocoons for two people, Céleste distills a warm atmosphere marked by elegance. Here, the show is the view through the large 3-meter wide windows. Sitting or reclining on spacious sofas, chatting over a drink or sharing a meal with your companion... Céleste's interior design adapts to all your needs to make this residential experience exclusive and customized.

Cutting-edge innovation
of comfort and safety

The tripartite arrangement not only reflects the concept of symmetry but also evokes a sense of cohesion and harmony, thereby reinforcing the idea of centrality in the design. Each of the 3 spaces is exclusive and offers a blend of intimacy and comfort, providing the opportunity to fully experience it.

Earth view from Céleste

Joseph Dirand

Internationally renowned architect and interior designer, Joseph Dirand embodies French elegance through each of his creations. He designs his projects as fragments of inhabited futures, independent and harmonious compositions, where every detail is carefully thought out to sublimate the space. Embodied by his singular vision, he subtly merges ecology, minimalism and architecture in each of his projects. For Joseph Dirand, design is first and foremost a way to sublimate the experience, allowing a functional and refined aesthetic to shine through.