Corporate Social Responsibility

Social and environmental

Zephalto is about Earth, science and humanity

The team puts social commitment at the heart of the brand and corporate strategy. We work every day to develop tomorrow’s technologies by responding to future environmental and social issues. In each part of our business, we design the most responsible solutions possible and we will always do our best to keep improving.

Opening this whole new access to space is one of the most exciting futures we can dream of.

And it is only possible if we figure out how to live in a sustainable and regenerative way, right now, on Earth.

a blue body of water with land and trees in it

And it is only possible if we figure out how to live in a sustainable and regenerative way, right now, on Earth.

What does it mean in practice


t co2

Per passenger for one suborbital rocket-based flight.



Only 1 000 rocket-based flights mean +1°C on Antarctica​.


kg co2

Zephalto offers the least polluting way to reach the stratosphere.



Zephalto offers an extended journey to admire Earth and return to the long time of contemplation.

A pioneering access to a new world

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we facilitate the collection of crucial data and the conduct of scientific experiments in various atmospheric environments, thereby opening new perspectives for understanding our planet and the space that surrounds it.

engineer soldering electronic components
Abstract view from space

New space for innovation

From the outset, the program has had a scientific vocation : Zephalto's flights pave the way for new services in the stratosphere, including data collection about Earth and the atmosphere​, new experimental procedures, and telecommunication systems.​

Building a regenerative business

Building a



We are committed to a more virtuous model of society. Through our experience, we want to help raise awareness of environmental issues, while ensuring the preservation of the planet and its resources at every stage of our project. This is a line of conduct that we apply on a daily basis within our team, optimizing our uses and preserving the well-being of everyone.

A low-carbon journey.
50% women's at Zephalto's board.
A mind-blowing space flight, and a scientific mission.
A mind-blowing space flight, and a scientific mission
100% of travels by train
100% of team travels by train for business trips.
Energy-efficient suppliers, factories and materials.
Ambition to redistribute 1% of benefits to NGOs.
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