Space view from Céleste capsule
The Experience

Low carbon flight to stratosphere

The Overview Effect, discover new beliefs

Experience the Overview Effect and feel the extraordinary emotion that only 600 astronauts have felt so far. By observing, as they did, the curvature of the Earth from space, you will live an overwhelming experience that transcends humanity and discover a new perspective on the universe.

Sunrise from space

A sustainable, space odyssey

With their mastery of wind trends and thermal elements, our pilots will guide you smoothly to the edges of space. As our balloon, Celeste, becomes lighter than air, it takes you on a awe-inspiring journey during which you can let yourself go and admire a once-in-a-lifetime panorama.

1. Lift Off
TROPOSPHERE • TEMP. 15 to -55°C (standard) temp. 45 to -80°C (REAL CONDITIONS) • PRESSURE 1013 to 200 mbar.

Depart from our spacesport, located in France. Board our luxury pressurised capsule, Celeste, designed for your utmost safety and comfort, lifted by a balloon higher than Notre-Dame de Paris.

2. Ascent

Céleste gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contemplate an exceptional panorama as you ascend at a speed of 4 metres per second. The ascent last an hour and a half until 25km. Admire the beauty of nature and enjoy a - long - moment out of time with your loved ones.

3. Apogee

At an altitude of 25 kilometres, above 98% of the atmosphere, admire the curvature of the Earth, its blue halo and the stars. Share the experience of the Overview Effect with a very few lucky people who are also witnessing the greatest of all shows.

4. Descent

Gently come back down to earth. Enjoy the scenery. We accompany you throughout the journey to help you understand what you are flying over.

5. Landing
TROPOSPHERE • TEMP. 15 to -55°C (standard) temp. 45 to -80°C (REAL CONDITIONS)• PRESSURE 1013 to 200 mbar.

Take time to deeply understand what you just experienced.

A tailor-made experience

Your journey starts from the moment you pre-book your flight. As soon as we get in touch, you will enter a fully personalized experience.

Our spaceports

Stay tuned to find out about the openings of our next spaceports. You will soon be able to take off from all continents.

Map of Zephalto's spaceport around the globe

Open spaceport

Next opening

picture of a sky with red cloud

Legacy instants up in the stratosphere

By inviting travelers to explore the planet's natural beauty from a new perspective, Zephalto aims to create a sense of connection and appreciation for the world around us, leading to a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

Signature offer

Book now
your historic flight at the
rate of €170,000 per guest.

The Zephalto offer includes:

  • An opening ceremony
  • A 6-hour flight
  • A gastronomic experience aboard
  • A closing celebration

When French know-how meets unparalleled safety standards

Zephalto's commitment translates into a unique experience for travelers, combining absolute comfort and safety. The capsule's certification attests to its adherence to the highest safety standards, equivalent to those of commercial airplanes. Every element and every step undergo meticulous scrutiny and benefit from a rigorous production process.

The research and development are supported by over 200 procedures registered with the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property) and 11 key patents in the process of being filed, along with technological procedures from CNES, our main partner, elevating Céleste to the pinnacle of aerospace safety.

Engineer working in Toulouse
Engineer working in Toulouse
Engineer working in Toulouse


Céleste, a technological masterpiece developed and certified according to the same standards as civil aviation.


11 key security patents are currently being filed.

Operational Excellence

Over 200 operational procedures have been registered with the INPI (French National Institute of IndustrialProperty).


The capsule is the only one made of composite fibers, a material that offers exceptional strength and lightness properties.

EASA certification

Meeting the highest safety standards and complying with the current standards for authorization to transport passengers.

CNES partnership

Zephalto benefits from exclusive technological transfer and ongoing support from the French National Center for Space Studies (CNES).


All our operations are monitored from both air and Earth by world famous experts.

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